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Our Mission 
Shane Stay, founder, is a bestselling author who owned a fusion restaurant for some 10 years which led to the creation of Leaf. In 2008, when Leaf launched, the idea of winning multiple awards was not even on the table! Okay...maybe a little bit. Everyone knew it was fantastic! The reason Leaf came about in the first place was that every day for years (literally every day for years) customers at Shane's restaurant insisted that he bottle it and finally after five years of hearing this, day after day, Leaf was bottled! Leaf never came from a lab, rather it came from customer demand! From the beginning, Shane has insisted that his role with Leaf is like being an agent for a young Brad Pitt on the verge of his first film; the talent of the product is like lightning in a bottle. To bring satisfaction and happiness to countless customers of Leaf is beyond amazing! 

Double Gold Medal Winner
Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2014

Reserved for only a few special products, Leaf earned the Double Gold Medal at the prestigious Sonoma County Harvest Fair (hosted in the Wine Country of San Francisco) in 2014. The possible awards were Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Double Gold. Leaf walked away with elite Double Gold honors!

First Place
California Taste Test 2010

Leaf defeated the competition in the 2010 California Taste Test, earning it First Place. Leaf didn't just win, it danced around the competition of established dressing-giants by huge margins!

As the reigning champ, Leaf is proud to announce it is undefeated in Taste Tests! 

OUR MISSION has been to provide the healthiest dressing possible and Leaf has delivered on that as you cannot find a healthier dressing out there, with simpler ingredients! Moreover, customers far and wide agree that Leaf is the best dressing in the world! As such Leaf provides a healthy alternative to the vast amount of dressings that are full of unhealthy "stuff" and the ingredient list of Leaf is the lowest in the business. Leaf does not contain sodium benzoate, high fructose corn syrup, or a list of ingredients you can't pronounce! The idea of a simple, healthy dressing is the essence of Leaf and it's perfect for any occasion!

Leaf has donated to over 40 Charities. Charitable donations remain a big part of Leaf's goals. To date, Leaf has donated to Red Cross along with many other charities.   

​Leaf circa 2011
    #1 Taste!