Leaf News 

Leaf Dressing is featured in Feast Magazine, 2019
The ILLINOISouth Tourism Bureau features Leaf Dressing in their Fall 2017 Tourism Times edition 
Double Gold Medal Winner, Sonoma County Harvest Fair, 2014​
Leaf Dressing on FOX TV, 2014
Leaf Dressing featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 2013
First Place, California Taste Test, 2010

Charity Donations: 
Habitat for Humanity New York/Los Angeles, Oakland Children's Hospital, San Francisco Food Pantry, Napa Valley Food Bank, Petaluma Bounty, Petaluma Fire, Petaluma School District, Whole Planet Foundation Los Gatos, Project Dragon Los Gatos, San Ramon Fire Department, Trips For Kids Marin, Save the Felidae Marin, Families First Campbell CA, Cat Town Oakland, A Pet's Life Sonoma, Youth Homes Inc. Walnut Creek, Norcal Beagle Rescue San Mateo, West Oakland Food Pantry, Red Cross Haiti and Japan, St. Louis Food Bank, Operation Food Search, St. Patrick's Center, Haven of Grace Assisting Homeless Mothers, Peter & Paul Community Services, Belleville Catholic Charity, Metro East Humane Society, Metro East Lab Rescue, St. Paul's Nursery Home, Belleville Catholic Charities, The French School TFS Market, Progressive Youth Connection Stl, Caring for Kids Stl, St. Louis Children's Hospital, Liberty Christian Academy, Beyond Housing, 3 Little Birds 4 Life, Guardian Angel Settlement, Church of Christ Fairview Heights, Church of the Open Door Stl., Ignatian Spirituality Project Chicago, Save Abandoned Children Chicago, Starlight Children's Foundation Chicago, Chicago Coalition For the Homeless, GoodWill, Polio Relief.org.

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Over the years, everyone at Leaf values the input from customers, and walk away with great interactions.The following are some of these customer quotes.

Customer Quote Gallery: 

"Good to the last Leaf!"
"This is serious stuff!" 
"Oh my god, this is good!"
"This is exactly what I've been looking for."
"My kid likes it? He never eats any vegetables!"
"This is amazing, great, amazing."
"Where do I get it?!" 
"Sold. My husband will love this!"
"You've gotta be kidding me."
"Can I take this on the plane with me?"
"I've never tasted anything like it!"
"The best dressing ever!" 
"I can't believe it's this good!"
"Come here, you have to try this!"

Many customers have recommended great recipes for Leaf. Here are a couple. 

"Sonoma Spinach Salad"
(Spinach, white onion, smoked almonds, carrots, tomatoes)

Lay the spinach in a bowl. Slice the extra vegetables to your liking. Toss everything together, add Leaf, and you are set! 

"The Scrambled Egg"
(Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, peeper, bell peppers, white onions)

Slice mushrooms, bell peppers, and white onions into thin slices. Scramble eggs in a cooking pan.  Add spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, white onions and a dash of pepper. Toward the end of the cooking add Leaf and you are done! 

"​Marinade with Chicken or Salmon"
This one does not have a name, yet. So many customers talk about different approaches with chicken and salmon that we do not have enough room to place it all here! Be creative, you'll find the right way!

Thank you for choosing Leaf Dressing. Leaf is aware of customers with allergies to certain foods. Leaf has a simple ingredient list, which includes peanuts. Please consult the ingredient list on the label before consumption. 

Each bottle is inspected before shipment to ensure quality. If there is any damage or breakage from transportation, storage or customer tampering, please contact Leaf, so we can identify the issue for quality assurance purposes and best ensure customer satisfaction.
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